Born in 1976 in Northern Greece in a small town with a harbor. As a kid I was obsessively drawing every blank space in my school books, learning TV commercials by heart and watching horror movies that was not supposed to watch. After finishing highschool in 1994, I entered the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome in Italy and started studying painting. The conservative and old fashioned environment of the school and the city itself didn’t let me last longer than two years there. After a successful interview at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London / England, got accepted in the course of graphic design and illustration and got my enthusiasm for visual arts (and life itself) back. In 2003 moved back to Greece and after assisting the art direction of “Ozon Raw” magazine, I started working as an Art Director in the design department of advertising agency “Cream” (2004-2008). After 4 years of art directing print ads, designing logos, corporate IDs and packaging I moved to the Above the Line Advertising sector at “Tribe” agency (2008-2014). Given the title of Senior Art Director, I started getting more involved in Creative Direction, especially when a project was design or/and illustration orientated. At the same time, freelance work for greek fashion label “Digitaria” gave me the chance to be more inventive and creative on a personal level. At the moment I am freelancing.

Fluent in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop / Advanced in hand drawing and mixed techniques / Obsessed with the possibilities of the internet and new technologies / Strong presentation skills (preparation of presentations and pitching) / Extremely fluent in English and Italian / Enjoy working as a part of a team but I guess If I didn’t, there wouldn’t be any reason to be writing this BIO right now...

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Art from the past and the present, electronic music, synthesizers, goth aesthetics and mysticism, performance art, the wonderful (or horrible) digital world we live in, New Wave, New Romantics, late 80's Club Kids, big capitals of the world and deserted, undiscovered nature, the sea, boats and trains, fashion as a playground to push boundaries in aesthetics and technology, neorealist italian cinema, dogs, cats, hair, body hair, people with physical or mental disabilities, people who fight for justice, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, Egon Schiele, Fellini, Almodovar, Diane Arbus, Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, Wolfgang Tillmans, Robert Mapplethorpe, Nick Knight, Helmut Newton, Alexander Mac Queen, Gareth Pugh, Comme Des Garçons, Hussein Chalayan, Rick Owens, René Gruau, Robert Nagel, Mark Ryden, Joan Cornellà, Maurizio Cattelan, Jean-Paul Goude, metal and wood, the industrial revolution and skyscrapers, classic Disney, manga anime, early eighties italian disco, the color black.